Monday, 29 July 2013

Listen Up

Students did a listening test today. This was a lecture on cross-cultural communication in the classroom. The kids (for so do undergraduates appear to me now) took notes and then turned these into little paragraphs as answers to five or so questions. Amazing how often students will come up with pointless observations of the blindingly apparent: 

Interculture in the classroom. When teachers are teaching in the classroom, they always use something which already exists the classroom to help them. Such as desk, window, building.

I cannot deny it: this must be what they call a cultural universal. Even so, it had nothing to do with anything on the CD.  

Several students wrote stuff about sheets, but none of the tutors has managed to work out what they meant or what it was they misheard:

In Europe, the students participate in class by sheeting.

Answers on a postcard, please, in your very best joined-up writing. Nothing obvious, please, such as 'cheating' - that's been dismissed already. Exercise some ingenuity. 

Some of the students' notes brought odd images to mind:

In USA, students can do anything they want to attract the teacher

'Please, sir!'
And one young lady found the whole thing just too, too much:

Sorry I tried my best to understand what record said. But I still REALLY confuse about this question.  But I think I should write something here, or the white paper would make people upset. Hope you see this will not mad at me. Have a good day. 


CJB said...

Oh God....

Vilges Suola said...

What a day...So many logistical cock ups, the place rivaled Fawlty Towers.

CJB said...

I hear you. I work in what could pass gloriously for a lunatic asylum.


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