Sunday, 11 November 2012

Amid the Alien Porn

I'm going to suggest that the Little CHEF (Centre for Hammering English into Foreigners) where I work might offer courses in EPP, English for Pornographic Purposes. This would be heavily promoted in the Czech Republic, where they seem to have more than their fair share of beautiful boys but no idea how to whet the appetite to watch them perform. EPP graduates would  able to avoid this kind of thing:

Nice Dicks Dudes Masturbate Together! 
From slow to fast each one haas their own technique to getting hard. Picking up their passer to totally fast, they stroke the shit out of their cocks till they cum all over themselves so tastefully. 



Anonymous said...

So tastefully!

By the way, I thought I should mention that the tickboxes below the posts don't seem to work—if I tick the box to say that this post is funny, for example, which it is, the box doesn't stay ticked the next time I load the page. So if you are relying on this medium to supply valuable statistics, or just the occasional ego boost, you should be aware that it is systematically underreporting the degree to which your blog posts are funny, interesting, useful, and/or worth the read.

Vilges Suola said...

The shit out of their cocks... dear dear.

Yes, I noticed that the reactions feature is very erratic: older posts that had quite a few now have none, and the tweets no longer show. Maybe it's because this design template is quite old.It might also depend on the browser - the reactions feature doesn't appear at all in Opera.


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