Saturday, 7 April 2012

Καλή Ανάσταση!

Above you see a postcard that was distributed through the post by one Kevin Childs, pastor of  The Rock Church, Conway, South Carolina. Some of the flock thought that the image and caption constituted something of a breach of taste, so Kev apologized, sort of. Terming those who were offended ‘fussy over-churched little Pharisees’ he said he could not care less if they were upset. This probably offended the offended even more, but Kev was unrepentant. No, what really bothered him, on more mature reflection, was the possibility that the image of the splattered bunny rabbit might have pushed unbelievers further from faith. ‘If our attempt at edgy, irreverent outreach cast our church and Christianity in a bad light, blame me.’

It seems that Kev had imagined that seeing a picture of a dead rabbit instead of Jesus shouldering the sins of the world would make people think, hey, those dudes at the Rock Church must be a real fun bunch of guys to hang out with, and they’d come right on over and get saved. Sorry, Kev. If here we have reached the ceiling of your edgy irreverence, you can count us out. It takes more than a squashed rodent to make us admire your daring or swallow the poison you preach. How about this, in reference to the bullying gay school-kids endure: “I have been suspicious from the jump about the avalanche of sentiment toward “anti-bullying.”…I am hesitant about “protecting” the tender sensibilities of one whose demeanor eagerly invites comments because of his/her lifestyle choice.” First off, Kevin, that's unkind, to understate the matter vastly. Secondly, it's lazy: what the fuck does anyone's sexual desire have to do with the stupid advertising jargon of 'lifestyle choice'? What school-kid 'eagerly invites comment' of the kind we are dealing with here? Grudging ree-speck to Kev, however, for publishing my comment on his blog - click on 'poison' in the previous sentence - even if he doesn't reply. Most fundie Christers simply delete what they don't agree with.

The title of the post 'kali anástasi' is what the Greeks will be wishing one another next Saturday, as Jesus is Coming Back from the Dead tonight in the UK and, by popular demand, taking the same act to Greece for the 14th of the month where, if previous years are anything to go by,  it will be enthusiastically received. (Starts around midnight.) The Anástasi is the Resurrection, and the feast in celebration of same. I suppose the wish should be left untranslated, unless someone can come up with something better than ‘have a good Resurrection’.


Candy said...

Gotta love those church folks - nothing has so obscured the Face of God as the church. A plague on all their houses - myxamatosis, perhaps?

Vilges Suola said...

Well, how about we put whoopee cushions in the pews? Jesus wearing a tube sock instead of a loin-cloth? Pizza for the last supper? C'mon, we godda make it so much more 'today'!

Candy said...

Hell, yeah! We could have a rap and cheerleaders and apps and everything!


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