Friday, 24 February 2012

Tanya Ditty

I'm real proud to  introduce our speaker today, Ms Tanya Ditty, state director of Concerned Women for America of Georgia! CWFA is a coalition of conservative women which promotes Biblical values and family traditions, so that we and our children will know whom we may despise on a Bible-based basis. I invite you to go here to learn more. Ms Ditzy is opposing a bill that would outlaw discrimination against members of the LGBT community, wherever that is. I guess they must have a club house somewhere near Georgia. Anyway, Tanya is concerned that if the bill passes, not only will Concerned Women for America and their friends no longer be able to patronise gays and lesbians openly, every conceivable 'orientation' will have to be catered for in the workplace, which Tanya and her fellow concerned women would suggest would be inappropriate. For example, if we as a nation condone beastophilia and beastliacs, the term 'animal lover' would take on an inappropriate connotation, one which Concerned Women for America feel could ruin the innocence of our children's childhood and possibly our children's children's childhoods also, if they like pets. 'Voyagerism' will be widespread, and that could increase everybody's carbon footprint, and you know, it's truly felt that that would not be good for our children, or for our children's children, and would therefore be inappropriate. Klismaphiliacs - boy! Tanya knows some jaw-breakers, right? - will come out and demand inappropriately the right to marry their enema nozzles, and who knows, maybe the anus would replace the traditional heart on Valentine cards? We would have to ask ourselves if we truly feel that this would be appropriate. Were we to give the green light to necromaniacs, teachers who like dead people would likely bring their latest corpse to school with them, and engage in inappropriate touching with their deceased partner in front of children. 'Hey,  kids! Say hi to the late Jared, my new squeeze!' Would we feel this was appropriate? Imagine the mess.


Quote from Ms Ditzy, who is a teacher: 'pornography destroys lives, destroys homes, and I just don't think that's good for Atlanta.' No evidence is adduced for such a sweeping statement, which I would suggest is hardly appropriate from a teacher. Any 'destroyed lives' are in all likelihood those of Christians raised to loathe their own bodies and repress their desires. As Concerned Human for Humanity, I would suggest that Ms Ditzy's presence in classrooms is inappropriate, because I feel that our children should not be taught by earnest, bible-bewitched simpletons who don't know their orientations and paraphilias from a hole in the ground. I would consider this inappropriate. Thank you for your time. 

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