Saturday, 28 November 2009

And It Was Such a Lovely Old Word, Too...

Seen on 'Sissydude' - see sidebar for link.


Mediterranean kiwi said...

i think the word also appears on the first page of 'The Secret Garden', a children's book we studied at high school (when i was a little girl)

the sickly protagonist had an estranged mother who was very gay and always partying

vilges suola said...

Ah innocent days. I once heard an old trout reading a children's story on BBC Radio 'Listen with Mother', circa early fifties (from the archives - I wasn't actually born then) The story concerned a boastful man who kept chickens, and he would go round bragging 'I've got the biggest cock in the village!' The line was a sort of chorus in her story, like 'I'll huff and I'll puff...' and every time it came round the sound engineers had to stuff hankies in their mouths.

Fionnchú said...

I did read a comparison of sex to Jell-O, i.e., both take on the flavor or mood of whatever surrounds them. Yesterday, in fact, in of all places a Wiccan guide to sexuality. So maybe the gay description can be sustained?

vilges suola said...

Well, perhaps. But 'go gay with Jell-O today!' just shows them goddam faggits bin recruitin' younguns since way back.

Bo said...

Haha! hilarious, as ever!

Rob said...

Hi Steve

I've just finished reading Enid Blyton's 'Faraway Tree' trilogy to Petros (he's 7 now). This is the original text though - not the sanitized versions that are on sale nowadays.

The fun starts on the first few pages, and doesn't let up:

"The Enchanted Wood! We knew there was something queer about it" said Bessie.
"I guessed there were fairies there!" said Fanny.

Later on, their cousin Dick comes to stay, which raises all sorts of possibilities.

Greek readers would enjoy reading about 'Moon Face', one of the characters who lives up the tree.

Anyway, it was interesting that Petros had never heard the word 'queer' before. (Though he did snigger when the word 'gay' came up.)

Enid Blyton used to knock out 6,000 words a day, apparently. And, just like you, she used to reply to all her readers' letters personally.

vilges suola said...

Dear Rob,

How lovely of you to write. Gracious, is the little man seven already? No harm in knowing about Dick, fairies and queer stuff going on in the woods, then.

I do hope you will carry on reading my adventures, and write to me now and then.

Lots of jelly and ice-cream,



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