Sunday, 4 October 2009


A poem by Sappho, rendered into Modern Greek, set to music by Spyros Vlassopoulos and sung by Aleka Kannelidou, from the beautiful album Sappho. (The clunky translation is mine.) I once had the album on cassette, but it is now long since mislaid and I have never been able to find it on CD, although it has been recorded. Anyone know where it might be available?

Σαν άνεμος μου τίναξε ο έρωτας τη σκέψη
σαν άνεμος που σε βουνό βελανιδιές λυγάει.
Ήρθες, καλά που έκανες, που τόσο σε ζητούσα
δρόσισες την ψυχούλα μου, που έκαιγε ο πόθος.

Κι από το γάλα πιο λευκή
απ' το νερό πιο δροσερή
κι' από το πέπλο το λεπτό πιο απαλή.
Από το ρόδο πιο αγνή
απ' το χρυσάφι πιο ακριβή
κι από τη λύρα πιο γλυκιά, πιο μουσική.

Πάει καιρός που κάποτε σ' αγάπησα, Ατθίδα
μα τότε μου 'μοιαζες μικρό κι αθώο κοριτσάκι.
Συ που μαγεύεις τους θνητούς, παιδί της Αφροδίτης
απ' όλα το καλύτερο εσύ ’σαι το αστέρι.

As the wind in the mountains batters the oak trees, so love shook my breast.
You came, well that you did, for I cried out for you so much.
You cooled my soul that was burning with desire.

And whiter than milk,
Cooler than water,
Softer than your delicate veil.
Purer than a rose,
More precious than gold,
Sweeter and more musical than the lyre.

Years have gone by since I fell in love with you, Atthida,
but then you seemed to me a small and innocent child.
You who enchant mortals, child of Aphrodite, of all the stars, you are the brightest.

And whiter than milk…


Bo said...


vilges suola said...

Isn't it? The whole album is a delight, I just wish I could get hold of it.

Anonymous said...

i have that album! i can send you!

Vilges Suola said...

My e-mail address is maybe we can arrange something!


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