Thursday, 27 August 2009

Mamak Khadem

Here are two brilliant songs performed by Iranian singer Mamak Khadem. The first, 'Baz Amadam' (The Return) is based on a poem by Rumi.

Once again I have returned
I come from the Beloved
Look at me, see me,
Full of compassion I have returned.

Blissful I come, blissful, 
Bearing a message
That took millenia 
To put into words.

O Shams Tabrizi,
When will your light shine on the cosmos?
Bring me solace
For I have returned 
To this earthly desert of pain.

'Gelayeh' (The Plaintive) based on an anonymous poem.

You left and broke your vow.
To another you promised yourself
Your heart you gave away without shame
You killed me with one look.
How could you?
How could your eyes have no shame?


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