Thursday, 2 April 2009


This lad's photos tick all my boxes. In the flesh he'd have to be no taller (and preferably an inch or so shorter)  than me, which would make him just five foot seven, to be the 'son' I dream of these days. Years ago, a small but perfectly formed young man accosted me in a gay bar in Athens and after the usual 'what are you doing in Greece?' 'What's your star sign?' he said, 'I like boys who have the same length as me.'

I really don't fancy men of my own age, meaning I am most definitely not my type. One August night I went to a bar in Athens I rarely patronised, because everywhere else was closed. I was briefly flattered by the looks I was getting from some very handsome young men until it dawned on me that they were all for rent, this was a slow night, and I was of an age where they assumed I would be prepared to pay. They also assumed I was a tourist and thus more likely to be up for a fling. One spoke to me in English, with time-honoured words of greeting to a visitor to his shores:

'Me,' he said, 'fuck boys'.

He rubbed his index fingers together in the Balkan gesture for proposing copulation.

I had no intention of hiring his services but I was curious as to the going rate.

'Fifteen thousand drachmas' he said.

'Fifteen thousand? No, thanks.'

'Fuck off.'

He obviously thought I was implying he wasn't worth that much, so I moved away in case he had some Albanian mafia goon keeping an eye on him. After the third overture from a business boy, I was fed up of being seen as a walking wallet and got the hell out.

I get messages now and then on Gaydar and similar sites from pretty young men in Africa and the Philippines, promising me their undying devotion in exchange for the air fare to get them over here. Now I include in my profile the (accurate) information that I'm pretty much broke, so no gold diggers need apply.

Long hair, abundant artificial curls
Give me no pleasure: they belong on girls.
No, give me boys all sweaty from the gym,
Glistening with oil on every limb.

I like sex unembellished, scenting in 
Glamour a whiff of something feminine.

Strato. Trans. Daryl Hine 'Puerilities: Erotic Epigrams of the Greek Anthology Princeton University Press 2001


Bo said...

Latvia was full of rent too. Ghastly. How much was 15000 drachmas in pounds?!

Vilges Suola said...

I can't remember exactly - I had been in Greece about eleven years by then and thought only in drachmas. It was not much, though - maybe thirty quid?

Bo said...


Vilges Suola said...

Yeah, a bargain!

Bo said...

Well. Not sure the boy in the pic is my cup of lapsang, not that I'd say no, natch; it's the new Robin Hood, Jonas Armstrong, for me...

Word versification: 'spitten'. Antonym of swallen.

Vilges Suola said...

I googled J.A. as had not heard of him. He'd have to lose the beard for me.

Bo said...

Perhaps, but he makes me *swoon*!

Vilges Suola said...

I had this blond Albanian kid in one of my classes. He was legal - just. He became something of an obsession for me, an embodiment of something boyish and funloving and physical that I realised I had always envied and felt excluded from. This lad in the photos has something of him, esp the torso and fine blond peach fuzz that you see on his upper arms if you enlarge the image. The whole thing about gay 'daddy' and 'son' relationships suddenly became clear to me. I felt like a daddy and liked it! Pity he was so straight.


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