Friday, 10 April 2009


Happy Easter.
Back next week.


Anonymous said...

I have to leave the 'Happy Easter' until next Sunday when Orthodox Easter takes place. We are now in the beginning of ' Megali Evdomada ' when everyone in Greece remembers that they are supposed to be religious !!! Fasting reaches its peak and whitewashing is in fashion. God forbid that you should shame the neighbourhood by not whitewashing the outside areas of your house, ( xenoi - xereis ! )Or that you do not attend church every night this week and eat specially prepared 'nistismoi' food. ( Heathens ) On Megali pempth - good Thursday - you must 'vafei ta avga' - paint the Easter eggs and on Megali Paraskevi' - Good Friday - turn on the house lights and place hundreds of candles on your verandha as the Epitaph passes - while Judas is noisily burning in the background.The endless wait until Midnight Mass on Saturday night when the Agio Fos - Holy Light ( ?) is given back to the earth and then the wonderful hymn which never fails to reduce me to tears - Christo Anesti - Christ is risen, signifies the beginning of a feast of such size that many people end up in hospital from over-eating. Even though a self-confessed heathen - I LOVE GREEK EASTER !!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all

Vilges Suola said...

I liked it too - even the mayiritsa. I know Greeks who cannot stomach that. Someone I knew in Athens made a vegetarian version with mushrooms instead of all the animal gubbins and lites. Back in the days when I had a big terrace in Athens it was beautiful to see the hundreds of candles being carried down Lykavittos... What a pity there's no half-way decent teaching job out there or I'd be back like a shot.


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