Friday, 27 March 2009

Here's How to Find me

The highly erratic* stats counter widget-thingies embedded on this blog give me the referring URL for all visitors, so that I know how people manage to come across lathophobic aphasia among the hundred squillion or so blogs competing for their attention. Nobody googles the phrase ‘lathophobic aphasia’, of course. I had a run in February of people landing here from the appalling website of the ghastly Westboro Baptist Church, and at the moment a dusty old post from the blog’s attic (or Attic?) about the Greeks' conviction of the superiority of their language over everybody else's is getting more hits than it probably deserves. I can see how search engines found these posts, but today someone from Saudi Arabia (who ought to be bloody careful - you'd better swallow your hard disc, mate) got here by googling ‘Two horny mature school teachers getting buck naked in the classroom’. Man, I’m like, WTF, I'm like, OMFG, innit, yeah? How the hell do you get directed here with a query like that? I may indeed be a horny mature teacher, but I don’t recall ever saying so. Does Google read minds?


* I average 30, 60 or 5 visitors a day, depending on which one I choose to believe.

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