Saturday, 24 January 2009

Scraping the Barrel

Cannot think of anything much to say this evening. I could tell you what I dreamed last night, I suppose, but I’ll spare you that and pass on a recipe instead. Who knows, I might be able to dig out a knitting pattern or two for you as well. Will it rain, do you think?

Anyway, you know how smoked mackerel is supposed to be good for you, stopping you from oxidising, stiffening up and going demented and that? Well, you buy the stuff every so often, don't you, but you don’t really look forward to it; it only gets eaten when everything else in the fridge is finished, the mackerel is two days past its sell by date, but you would feel guilty about throwing it away. It tastes like something marinated in cod liver oil and seasoned with fag-ash, and leaves you feeling thirsty, dyspeptic and belching whaling-station fumes. I have found a way to make it more palatable, though. Learn of the wise, and perpend.

You will need some chorizo. If you buy your chorizo at a supermarket deli counter, tell the fifteen year-old who serves you that the correct pronunciation is ‘cho-REE-tho’, not ‘cheRRIT-say’. Drill it a few times, and he might remember. Cut the chorizo into dice, and get some potatoes, likewise diced. Chop a small onion and cut up some tomatoes. Skin your mackerel and flake it. Now you dry-fry your chorizo until the red oil runs, then remove the sausage and set it aside. Next add the spuds and the onion and cook them through, allowing the potatoes to brown a little at the edges. Finally, add the mackerel, the sausage and the tomatoes and heat through, making sure your tomatoes don’t go to mush. Scatter some chopped parsley over. Here the recipe helpfully adds ‘divide between serving plates’, in case you had been considering tipping it into the tumble-dryer. Eat with a knife and fork.

This is a Spanishy, tapas-ish kind of dish and so you could do worse than drink chilled dry sherry before, during and after consuming it. You won’t need to worry about the booze affecting your brain because you are eating up your mackerel, just as you’ve been told to.


Anonymous said...

Will it rain, do you think?

Have just caught up on a few weeks of blog after emerging fom my own seasonal depression - is it a Pisces thing ?
Am experiencing right now a cataclysmic thunder storm like only Greece seems to be able to provide. Just to remind you of what you are missing ...... Sheets of rain and crashes of thunder followed by mind blowing lightning flashes - who needs brain enhancing drugs ?????? ( get off my red wine !!! )

Mac xx

vilges suola said...

A thunderstorm would cheer me up no end! Some intensity in the greyness of England. Glad you are emerging, anyway. I'm not - lowest ebb in years here, γαμώτο.


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