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Vilges Suola pronounced (more or less) /ˈvɪləgəs ˈsu:ɒlɒ/ means 'white thief' in North Sámi, and it's the title of a song by Mari Boine. Obviously not my real name. I chose it as a nom de bloggeur because I didn't expect much competition for it, not because the description 'white thief' has any particular resonance for me. (Actually, I've now ditched that name. Ipmilat means 'gods' in Sami, and I chose it 'cos I like the sound.)

I'm (apparently) an Enneagram 4 and an ISFP, if we are to give credence to such things.

I'm a lecturer in ELT (English Language Teaching) and inter-cultural communication at a university in England, and any views expressed here are my own and not necessarily endorsed by that university. Obviously.

From 1990 to 2005, I lived in Greece where I trained teachers of English on RSA / Cambridge Diploma and Certificate courses, and all sorts of tailor-made courses to do with this and that aspect of English language teaching. I'm far too reserved and inhibited (i.e., English) to be Greek, but I do need to go back to Athens periodically for a dose of chaos and intensity.

This blog is about my handful of loves, peeves and obsessions. First, there's teaching and the hilarious mangling of language and clashes of culture I come across so often in my job.There's stuff about my continuing affair with Greece. There's a fair bit of Middle Eastern music. I have a go at Evangelical Christianity quite a lot, because I loathe it deeply. Don't get me wrong: I respect your right to believe whatever goofy shit you like, so long as you confine it to your own living room. I like men, so I include diatribes against dumb-fuck homophobes and I chuck in the occasional bit of cock, though you;ll have to look hard for it. Then there's the odd recipe.

I link to people who are variously kinder, sexier, angrier, more learned, more disciplined and more successful than me. You lot will have to guess which of you is which.

Do please leave me a comment, as I love to get them. Unless you are that bloody Japanese spammer, in which case leave it out.

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