Friday, 12 October 2018


I've just deleted my Facebook account after thirteen years as a regular poster. I reckon that's probably the best way to stay on good terms with the handful of Facebook friends I see regularly in the flesh. I'm fed up of preachy, finger-wagging environmentalist doom mongering and endless feminist whining about how awful men and boys are to the fragile, frangible female sex. These videos you are posting, mes amis, are videos: scripted, acted, carefully lit, edited. They don't prove that one in three, or one in two, or every girl gets groped and jeered at by 100% of boys, they merely advance a narrative, and an ugly, male-hating narrative at that. You really ought to know better. 

OK, I'm tired and fed up with a streaming cold and everybody is getting on my wick, so I'll keep this short.    

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