Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Elina Duni Quartet

The Albanian language has held a fascination for me for some time - I'm always attracted to the obscure. When in Greece I met Albanians and told them I was learning their language, their initial reaction was usually one of suspicion, then once they realised I was not a spy or a member of the Albanian mafia, more like 'whatever for???' I don't speak Albanian well and can read it with only moderate success. I can only pick out odd words from the stream of speech unless an indulgent native speaker is prepared to slow down and repeat stuff. But as I said, it fascinates me with its mix of home-grown, Latin, Greek, Turkish and Arabic vocabulary all transformed slightly to conform to Albanian rules of sound combination. 

This is the wonderful Elina Duni, whom I only discovered last week, performing in Tirana a few years back. The song is Ka nje mot e gjysem viti, 'it's been a year and a half', i.e., since we fell in love. Hope you like it.


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Brian M said...

You should pick up Euskadi (Basque) or Suomi (Finnish), next. I am a big "metalhead", so I love the sound of Finnish (when you live near the arctic, I guess it encourages dark music!)


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