Monday, 25 May 2015

Humour failure

I saw the above on a friend's Facebook timeline the other evening and attacked it with all the Merlot-fueled contempt at my disposal. Well, I'd been reading Irish Catholic priests talking about how their message will now have to be reworded, and how they'll have to find new, more loving ways of calling gay people disordered, and my sense of humour had evaporated. Almost every other commenter and clicker 'liked' it and I was chid for not being able to see the joke, or rather, for huffily refusing to laugh at it. But I thought then, and think now in sober daylight, that it is thoroughly offensive. I'm not so priggishly PC that I'd write to the Beeb to complain that there was no validation of LGBT rights in the shipping forecast, or that as a short gay man I feel marginalised whenever Stephen Fry appears on the telly without mentioning that not all gay men are as tall as he is, but dammit, this one pissed me off. Women experience the gamut of emotions through the course of a day, but men know nothing but smug entitlement from waking to sleeping? Men are simple-minded, one-dimensional creatures whose reactions are wholly predictable - and we are supposed to find that funny?

 Fucking hilarious.

Seems I'm in a minority and I promise I'll get my sense of humour back soon.


As Scarlett's Mum points out in her comment, the message could just as well be anti-women, portraying them as emotionally incontinent flibberty-gibbets. That reading hadn't occurred to me.


CJB said...

Must have been telepathy - all those moods swings too. I'm am SO with you here. What is it that men have done that has suddenly made them the butt of every joke. They are idiots in the kitchen, morons when it comes to shopping, mindless dolts with DIY and clearly have nothing but dumb grins on their faces from dawn 'til dusk, their children and spouses sigh and roll their eyes at their brainless antics, giggle at their growing ineptitude and all they seem good for is drinking cheap beer and watching telly while scratching their balls. I find it deeply offensive too and if I was a bloke, I'd be mighty peed off. I'm getting mighty peed off with women, I can tell you. They have a smug, know-it-all attitude towards men and have become singularly unattractive in their assumed superiority. Can we not just all be nice to each other?

Vilges Suola said...

Glad you agree. I was pissed off at being expected to take this patronising crap in good part.

Scarlet's mum said...

Ah now, I read it quite the other way around: to me it says, look at women, with their ridiculous emotional lability, incapable of exercising the faculties of reason that would enable them to regulate their mood into at least a semblance of calm for more than five minutes - they're at the mercy of every fleeting emotion, clearly unstable, capricious and hopeless to deal with as adult human beings, since they swing wildly between good cheer, fury, sadness, and every emotion in between; by turns distraught, content, tearful, saintly, shocked, playful, enraged, amused, and a dozen and more other conditions in the course of a single day. Men, on the other hand, have a much more sanguine and reasonable approach, having mastered the ability to maintain an aspect of consistent bonhomie: we all know it isn't true, and they too experience the full gamut of human emotion, but keeping their own counsel on these instead of venting at every opportunity is much more attractive than women's pathetic, toddler-like emotional incontinence.
So all the people who 'liked' it on social media were, I think, approving not the notion of men being bovine, but of women being portrayed as a nightmare. It's offensive and moronic rubbish however you look at it, though.

Vilges Suola said...

It was definitely intended as a giggly-girly dig at blokes by the person who posted it (who I love to bits, by the way) but you're right, it could be read both ways. And yes, it's offensive either way.


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