Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Not a lot of work for the time being, so not a lot of money. Still, as a good Buddhist, one should rejoice at the success and happiness of others, even as one accepts one’s own lack of either. It was heartwarming, therefore, to receive this communication from the union the other day, which I now share with you:

Whilst [Name of University] through their agent [Name of Agent], continue to plead poverty, now that the 2012-2013 [Name of University] Annual Accounts have been published, [the union] can inform our members that our VC, Professor [Mighty Bull, Lofty of Plumes; Favorite of the Two Goddesses; Great in Kingship in Karnak; Golden Hawk, Wearer of Diadems in the Southern Heliopolis; Great in Duration, Living-for-Ever-and-Ever; Beloved of Amon-Ra, Lord of Heaven.] took a rise of a massive 11.6% last year (a clear 3.5% above the 8% pay rise average for the Russell Group VCs). According to the annual accounts the VC's pay package rose by £26,000 to a headline figure just short of a £1/4 of a million.

While ordinary staff are being offered a miserly 1% and have experienced a real terms pay cut of 13% over the past 4 years, in the last year alone, the VC's pay package has risen by nearly 12%!

You gotta admire that sort of brass neck.

Arseholes to the lot of 'em.


CJB said...

Sickening, but unsurprising: greed is endemic. Just got back from SA, where the story is much the same. I read somewhere that inequality in this and other areas will continue and therefore the unravelling of society too.

Vilges Suola said...

Welcome back. You seem to have misunderstood: 'top people' like VCs need to be encouraged to stay in their positions and must therefore be allowed to reward themselves generously so they don't feel tempted to go elsewhere.


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