Thursday, 14 March 2013

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Did you know there's a new Pope? It's just been on the telly. According to the BBC reporters, who've really got their fingers on the pulse, he's a man of 'great humility, deep spirituality', and stuff like that. He once washed the feet of AIDS patients, so it all goes to show, doesn't it? That was probably a good deal more pleasant than changing as many babies' nappies, but he's a priest and very pure, so foot washing's really impressive when you think about it, given his standing, and he's a bloke and all. He paid his own hotel bill after the conclave was disconclaved, then he carried his own luggage! In his own hands! So to borrow a phrase from the great Tony Blair, he's definitely the People's Pope. You lot are just cynical buggers.

Ratso departs in a flurry of petticoats. 'What, this old thing? Had it years, luvvie,
just threw it on cos the best frock's in the wash.'


Bo said...

Hilarious! Quite so. And I love the caption!

Vilges Suola said...

Thanks! My favourite item of popish apparel was the bona coral pink hat, but I do realise that it wouldn't have gone with the dolly gold drag she's trolling about in here.

maria verivaki said...

I saw this photo on facebook, loved the caption describing the popes attire: lace petticoat, Judy garland slippers, and very feminine robes, and then he preaches why its bad to be gay


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