Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Suggestions Welcome

I haven’t written anything for a month and so the blog stats are way down. I’m still alive, though. I’ve had a few weeks of the panic and anxiety that afflicted me 18 months or so ago, and it’s been hard to concentrate on work, let alone blogging. What I took to be the cause of the anxiety has been removed from my life. The anxiety, however, has not. It’s a free-floating thing, and my brain’s always on the look-out for something to blame for it. It's all terribly tedious. I hope to get back to writing some time soon, but for the time being I have nothing to say, and what I have attempted to write in the last three weeks has ended up in the recycle bin because it was so flat-footed and not worth anybody’s time. Any suggestions for subject matter gratefully received and at least considered.  


Bo said...

Sorry to hear that!! I always have a sneaking fondness for the recipes you sometimes post.

Candy said...

Thought about you today and wondered if you were still interculturaling with Messrs Hofstede et al. Tediola. VERY mopey to hear that the anxiety monster has come swirling back from his corner. I hate that bastard. I just cry now and hope that's good enough for him and he fucks off.
Like Bo said - like the recipes and the very VS instructions.
Be okay - I want to visit Burgleigh? Burley? Burghley? That place that Lord Cecil lived in. It's by yours, innit?

Vilges Suola said...

OK then, I'll dig out a few recipes.

I withdrew from teaching that module. Did one last session before the replacement stepped in, during which I decided I could probably hack it after all, but then it was too late to tell the replacement lecturer I'd changed my mind.

Burghley is about a mile down the road from me. I've never been - rather like the many Athenians I know who've never been up the Acropolis.

Candy said...

You could've and would've hacked it - you KNOW that. But I hear you. When the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (in this case "anxiety, doubt, panic and dread" come thundering through the dark, any sense of one's ability shrivels to nought. What you been doing instead?
I will visit Burghley in the Spring -

Vilges Suola said...

This damn anxiety is a bloody nuisance, and a relatively new development for me. I'm beginning to wonder if my blood pressure meds are to blame. They're beta blockers, so I imagined I'd be peaced out, but I sure as hell am not!

maria verivaki said...

i enjoy reading baout your students and the work you put into making better people

Vilges Suola said...

Thanks for the feedback.


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