Saturday, 24 September 2011

Give ye them to eat.

'... I'll read you something that's not mentioned in the canonical gospels, so you can see the ingratitude* of people: '...then Jesus caused the bread and the fish to multiply, and all did eat, and were filled: and after turned they their gaze upon Jesus, and cried unto him, saying: 'isn't there any fruit?'


Πλεονεξία means 'greed' but that seems inadequate here because it can refer simply to a desire for more grub. Can anyone suggest a noun meaning 'ungrateful lack of recognition of a miracle performed for one's benefit'??? I'm not suggesting that πλεονεξία carries anything like that load, but the casual φρούτο δεν έχει; does add this idea. The English 'isn't there any fruit?' doesn't, simply because the British wouldn't necessarily expect a meal to conclude with fruit. Maybe the last line should be 'OK, so what's for afters, then?'

Arkas, Η Ζωή Μετά. (The Hereafter)


Nik_TheGreek said...

I love Arkas... :-)

Vilges Suola said...

Me too. Back in 1990, I learned a HUGE amount of Greek vocab from the 'Isovitis' books.

Uncutplus said...

Or as Peggy Lee might sing, "Is that all there is, my friend?"


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