Thursday, 23 June 2011

That Settles it for Me

Dedicated to those You-Tube fundies who put to me such questions as:

@vilgessuola: explain to me how two men or two women can create a child. That's one of the natural functions of sexual intercourse. So explain to me how it's possible for any child to be produced as a result of gay sex. 

You make a pact with the Devil, as you knew all along. Simples. Then, of course, you eat the baby.

Gay adoption agency

I asked the same young man why Christians are so exercised about what other people do in bed. He protests:

It's more natural at some point in your life to have the strong urge to assault or murder someone than it is to want to engage in sexual activity with someone of the same gender. Murder and assault are illegal and are not tolerated in any circumstances, so why should homosexuality be accepted, let alone tolerated?

Christians aren't obsessed with other people's sex lives at all. Christians don't care about what goes on during sex as long as it's done within marriage between a husband (man) and a wife (woman). Then, anything goes. The couple gets to decide what positions to have sex in, whether or not to have oral sex, sex toys, etc. It's up to them.'
I've given up on him. When people think the urge to murder is 'more natural' and by implication less reprehensible than the urge to lust, then start refering you to 'Answers in Genesis' and articles by Ken Ham, you know the gulf between you is just too bloody wide to shout across.


Ah serve the Lawd
Guess I felt enspired by the Lord to share with you folks some uplifment I found on You Tube, oh my, you’re just gonna love it! There’s been a whole bunch of stuff around lately from the likes of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchinson and Sam Harry and Daniel Bennet and all the so-called self-stiled New Athiest’s about how God is not great and the Lord's people are plain dumb. Well, you know what, I for one am getting pretty darn sick and tarred of Darwinist homosexuals and those lesbians being all like butch and liberal and telling us that. We aren’t dumb, no sir! We know what side our bread's buttered. Once we accept Jesus into our lifes, we just better not think any more about stuff is all, in case we have forbidden thoughts without realizing it. I sure do hope you’ll join me in praying that God will reveal His love to all these deeply misguided folks before He’s forced to hurl them into the Lake of Fire for bamboozling other good folks who God’ll have to throw into the Lake of Fire as well for letting there selves get bamboozled unbeknownst, when all they need to of done was humble there selves before the Lord greatly. Really, it is soooo simple, you guys! Is it so much to ask, to escape the roth to come? For me, it’s a .... now, what do the young people call these days... a de-brainer! I guess Sir Dawkins and Dr Hitchinson had real traumactic afflicted childhoods touched by neglect, abuse, free thinking and alcoholism like so many others outside of the fold, and this made them hate God, which is such a pity when He loves them enough to die for there sins. Now, that's real ungratitude, so no wonder He’s gonna roast ‘em like hogs, LOL!* God doesn't want anyone to go to hell and so He through you a lifeline by getting His Self killed while He was living down here as His own son, and that means He took yours and my sins on Hisself, that who so beleiveth in Him might get eternal life and not be cast into the lake of fire where the worm is not quenched. That's why He's called the Saviour, guys! Stands to reason if you don't grab onto that lifeline, you go to hell! That's God's justice. That's the way God rolls weather you like it or weather you don't.

Well anyhow, about the video. Here’s a real profound and comforting song from way back before all that evil talk of gay jeans and same-sex marriage sung by a bunch of nice smiley God-fereing hetrosecxual folks in a real nice place - kinda like a wood with a farm and a waterfall and all green and all. I like to think, this is a four taste of that Blessered Place where all us true beleivers are headed. Its’ real soon, folks!

And finerly, Oh-My-Goodness, I pray in Jesus'es name that we will see Sir Dawkins and Dr Christopher Hitchinson smiling and singing right along, before it’s too late. Can you guy's just pitcher how wonderful that would be? I sure can! What a triumph for God! Praise the Lord!

*This is a abrevviation meaning 'Laughing Out Loud' and my daughter whose in college uses it in reply to all my texts. The Lord gave us a sence of humor!

I just know he'd look a hole lot happier
if he'd let Lord Jesus into his heart!


Anonymous said...

Catchy song though. I've been painting the lounge all day and singing it to myself. Thanks for that.

Can't make up my mind if the women are attractive. I'd guess the men definitely aren't - but it's hard for me to judge. What's the official Vilges line on the 1976 look?

Vilges Suola said...

I think they look dreadful. They are still going, and look much better in advanced, inoperable middle age. The Xtian twaddle remains unchanged.

Anonymous said...

Why don't Christian men have upper lips?

Vilges Suola said...

They DO! This kind of defamation is just another example of how Christians are persecuted in our increasingly secular society.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Amen, my brothers...

Vilges Suola said...

Αγαπάς και'συ τον Θεούλη!

Nik_TheGreek said...

lol... Και μόνο που το λες Θεούλη δεν μπορώ παρά να γελάσω...

Anonymous said...

There's something disturbing about people who use the "folks" - except of course for Christians. They can use it all thy like - lovely folks they are....

Vilges Suola said...

Love the vacuity of that video, the moronic niceness, the numbing cosiness, contrasted with the conviction that some folks go to hell.

Alan Tait said...

Nice to know that the Devil doesn't have all the good music.

Anonymous said...

I have just managed to watch this video. I don't know whether to shriek with unbridled mirth or run away in absolute terror.
WTF is going on? Those clothes! That hair! Those two-dimensional, grinning cretins! The 70's have a lot to answer for!
Oh and the song is.... indescribable, really.

Vilges Suola said...

Oh, my, I just noo you'd loveit!!!

Fionnchú said...

As a straight guy, even I can admit that straights can do a lot of what gay couples, those misattributed sodomites and gamahauche-addicted debauchees, do, more or less. And note the popularity of "marital aids" as called in a more reticent age to assist such exertions. Point being, why do Christians or Muslims or any other obsessed types feel the need to tell the rest of us, however sinful or regressive in their holy eyes, what to do according to Iron Age concepts of the body and psyche?

And why can infertile couples, or elderly ones according to such procreative constrictions even be allowed to marry, as clearly any consummation's a waste of seed? But miracles happen, as the BVM, Anna, and Sarah all witness. Sigh.

Vilges Suola said...

My fundie homey from You Tube sez:

So, since gay people are the minority, I should simply accept and tolerate this and do nothing about it? So, since the minority of people are starving, I guess I should just accept this and do nothing about it.

The majority of straight couples are completely capable of producing children. Not wanting kids and being unable to have kids are two completely different things. Again, the natural purpose of procreation is to produce children. Since gay sex can't result in procreation, we can conclude that homosexuality isn't natural.

Suppose a brother and sister want to marry one another. By your logic, consensual sexual attractions are to be promoted in all cases. They're both consenting so, by your logic, they should be allowed to marry. Incest is repulsive in any and every form of it. Your logic says that, in certain cases, incest is completely okay.

Atheists don't turn to evolution and embrace it because it's a logical position, they support it because they have no other choice. Once you've rejected the idea of a supernatural Creator, you're forced to have some sort of explanation for the existence of intelligent life, the universe, plants and animals. Evolution is a way for atheists to have something to turn to. Evolutionary scientists admit that they have failed in providing any evidence for the evolution of large structures such as muscles and bones. So they point out that the bones of certain animals look similar, so that must mean that the animals had a common ancestor. Creationists can use this exact same example as evidence for an intelligent Designer. You reject and mock creationism/creationists, because it doesn't suit your agenda. Your viewpoint isn't based strictly off the facts, it's based off of preconceived bias. Any evidence that supports an intelligent Designer is discarded/rejected and evidence that "supports" evolution is immediately embraced.

Notice how you cut the other half of my response out. Psychologists recognize that the best way to raise children is in an environment where both genders are present to serve as role models. Again, you discard information that doesn't support your cause.

Notice how all of the examples you listed always portrayed marriage as between a man and a woman. It doesn't matter how many men or women were married, the marriage was always between opposite genders.

It's clear that you didn't enter this debate to actually debate. You entered this debate to try to convince me that you were right and I was wrong, no matter what facts are presented to you that are against your beliefs, you will continue to reject them and embrace only what agrees with you, regardless of how little evidence you have to support your viewpoint. It's illogical to continue to even attempt to "debate" with you. You won't change your viewpoint simply because you don't want to. You don't hold your current viewpoint because it's logical or defensible. You hold it because you want it to be true.

I replied with allusions to pots and kettles... Dunno if he got it.


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