Sunday, 11 July 2010

The End is Nigh

Bugger me, another one. Christers on You Tube cluster round me like moths around a flame. I have been naif enough to imagine that a reasoned message or two pointing out the contradictions and barbarities of evangelical Christianity might make 'em see a bit of sense, knock some of the dashed nonsense out of them, what? The children of the Tripartite Zombie God-Man are made of err... denser stuff, however. A minute or two ago I opened this:

God Bless you steve! i guess you dont know where your going when you pass on, but i dont want you to go to the bad place, what ever horrible past you have had can be washed away by the blood of Jesus. i dont know what you had to deal with in childhood, i assume it must have been horrifying beyond belief, but no matter what youve been through your entire life, you dont have to go to hell.

Behold, my son, verily I say unto thee, he that sendeth an unsollicited message unto a stranger, let him be circumspect, and let him in no wise impute evil unto that man his parents, or his brethren, or unto them that did compass him about, being a child, for it is fucking assinine, thou dolt.

the only thing i can think of to make any sense to you is, if you believe in Jesus you cant lose because if it turns out that Jesus is the Savior your set, and if its just a bunch of nothing than you wouldnt lose anything either.

Yeah, 'do like da guy tells ya, cuz whaddaya godda lose?' was proposed a long time ago, not by Don Vito Corleone, but by Blaise Pascal. It was sordid then, and it's sordid now. Also dumb. How can you decide to believe, if you already don't believe because you think the proposition is ludicrous?

but i can tell you something that has started to scare me, if you look at every single near death experience patient, they are all similar, all a spirit of light and LOVE, all being a loving God OR seeing a man with holes in his feet and legs.

Nice of your God to scare you. Anyway I could give you a fair bit of information about NDEs and how they are all things to all believers, who at the hour of their almost-death see Jesus, Krishna, Guanyin or Dot and Arthur Sugden from the chip shop, depending on their conditioning. However, I won't, because:

i dont read replies, and will not respond so i dont want you to type something i wont see.

Well, at least you are honest in your intellectual dishonesty.

oh man im sad though,

Really? Why is that?

i just hope you will look to Jesus when the earth begins all the earthquakes, tidal waves, and the red planet appearing in the sky with the eclipse and blood moon. When all the chaos and torment really begins, remember Jesus.

'Eclipse and Blood Moon'. I like that phrase, it sounds rather like the Japanese title of a Shakespeare play*, although I'm not sufficiently well-read in Shakespeare to say which one. (Anybody like to suggest one?) Actually, the next lunar eclipse is going to be on September 28th, 2015, and some Christers are of the opinion that Jesus will come again at that time. So if you are a believer, you now know exactly when to return your library books and stop the papers, and it'll be up to your conscience if you pay the broadband bill or not.


*Japanese titles of Shakespeare plays:

'The Flower in the Mirror and the Moon on the Water' = The Comedy of Errors
'The Mirror of Sincerity' = Pericles
'The Oar Well-Accustomed to the Water' = All's Well that Ends Well
'Lust and Dream of the Transitory World' = Romeo and Juliet
'Swords of Freedom' = Julius Caesar

From Small World by David Lodge.


Fr Hugh Jass said...

I would hate to have a near-death experience of a nut case.

Bo said...

Definitely King Lear!

Vilges Suola said...

Yes, King Lear is the obvious candidate, I ought to have got that one.

Re. NDEs, even A J Ayer had one. He wasn't at all pleased.

Fionnchú said...

Why do they capitalize Jesus but no other words as they channel ravings?
Problem w/NDE's: they're "near." They tell us nothing about death.

Vilges Suola said...

On accounta Jesus wuz his name an ya godda have respeck!

Yes, exaclty, or exactly, even: NDE is like a near miss, a cancelled trip.


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