Wednesday, 7 April 2010

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Fionnchú said...

I do not disagree with your folk etymology, but I am reminded of the German meaning for "dick" as fat as another possibility. The common fellow one (as in "Johnson"?) may be more sensible and closer to home! Hey-- wasn't there a longer entry here and not only the ad? It shrank.

vilges suola said...

Yes, I had put the etymology of 'dick' according to a webpage I found, then thought of writing something of my own, but never got round to it. Not sure about the German one. The German term is 'Schwantz' (tail) and 'tail' is used as a little boys' word in the north of England, possibly because of Danish influence on the local dialect??? I dunno. I could pester David Crystal about it but suspect I'd better not.

'Johnson' was a new one on me until the other week. Is it peculiar to the US?

Fionnchú said...

I think so. I never heard it growing up, so it may be a regionalism, I suspect from the Midwest or South. "Schwantz"-- quite a term from the North over there-- I suspect it could not have endured 1200 years uncut, so to speak, or altered, so maybe it's more recent, taken back by Tommies from some War or summat?

vilges suola said...

I didn't mean that we use the word 'Schwantz', just that this is the German slang word for the member, and I think the Dutch word is similar. It means 'tail' as of a dog or cat. 'Tail' is the Northern little boys' word for 'penis', so maybe it's a left-over from an earlier time.

Deiniol said...

I want free big dick :(

On a slightly more erudite note, the Latin word "penis" also meant "tail". However, the semantic shift seems to have been from an original meaning of "penis", as that's what the word's cognates in Sanskrit and Ancient Greek meant.

Happily, there's also the old dialect word "tarse", from OE teors "penis", which I've always liked for rhyming with "arse".

vilges suola said...

We are endebted to Mr Jones for his substantial, penetrating input.


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