Friday, 12 March 2010

Absolutely nothing at all

I'm zonked. Knackered, drained, brain dead. All week I have been wondering if they're putting something in the tea I get from the vending machine on the landing outside my classroom. It still has the usual acrid taste of boiled-up sweepings from the warehouse floor, but I have been so yawny and bleary I have to blame something. I've been running on empty, hence the bloglessness. Alas, unblogged! I can't think of a damn thing to say. It is most frustrating.

My brain may be slowing down but man, my blood pressure sho as hell jumpin'. I achieved a personal best this week of 222 over 107. It was a one-off reading, unusually high. Normally it's just high. Could be that my home monitor thingy is on the blink, or that it was due to having just sunk my customary morning cafetiere of thick black coffee, but I suppose I had better go and get this seen to. What a fucking bore.

My students have been great. Every day this week has gone well if you discount Wednesday with my talented group, which was like pushing a heavy truck up hill. This means, unfortunately, that there have been no amusing errors or misunderstandings and no obnoxious or outrageous behaviour to recollect in tranquility.

So it's been dull as beans round here this week, and likely to remain so until the end of term in two weeks time, which is ten teaching days, or forty teaching hours, or 2400 teaching minutes away.

In the meantime, do drop by now and then, though.


Fionnchú said...

I do drop by, and my friends have too. VS, know that we all face this in or out of classrooms. I found I have a reputation among my peers for being an encouraging sort who gets my classes into lively discussions but I have one class now full of polite students sitting on their hands gazing at their cellphones, and another lot where three out of thirty dominate the proceedings despite all those teacher-training dodges I try, and I wonder is it me or is it them.

I hope the caffeinated bursts either ease or jolt your spirits meanwhile. Maybe it is simply SAD being in England? Or me in L.A.

(On a possibly unrelated note, Martin McDonagh castigated the London stage in an interview I read, speaking of raging full-on sorts in the doldrums. He condemned his theatrical peers as the equivalent of football's "Greek second-division." Somehow I had to send that thought on to you.)

Dyl said...

Blimey. You are clock watching aren't you?

You know what they say about watched kettles!

vilges suola said...

...and 144000 teaching seconds.

I'm lucky at the moment in having two groups who carry the lessons themselves. I set up a simulation on Thursday which lasted all day without my having to do anything more than supply the odd vocab item. Once the students realise that we don't expect or permit the 100% teacher dependence they are used to in Libya and Saudi Arabia, most of them revel in the freedom. And I have had two weeks without the awful 'Hassan' whom I blogged about a couple of times. So it's not been bad recently, but boy, do I need a break.

Bo said...

In completely the same state myself!

Sarah said...

"And I have had two weeks without the awful 'Hassan'" haven't laid a new patio recently have you ? LOL

vilges suola said...

No, not that desperate yet. I have him tomorrow and the Monday after, and then he will, I hope, be someone else's problem.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

i have just returned from a holiday in london and paris - i thought i was going there to relax and recharge my batteries, but now i am more knackered than when i left

(thank goodness easter is just round the corner...)

vilges suola said...

Hope Easter is more relaxing then - but isn't it usually a cooking and washing-up marathon in Greece?


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