Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Come again?

This morning I taught a load of vocabulary pertaining to food and restaurants. After, the students were given a set of questions each to ask a partner. In the course of this activity I was called over by Khalid and Nabil to resolve a misunderstanding.

'I'm ask he,' Khalid said with the deliberateness of one resigned to being often misunderstood, 'what your favourity wedge-table and frewit?'

'Vegetable and fruit, yeah,' I nod seriously, in acknowledgement of a point well made.

'Yes. I'm ask he, what your favourity wedge-table and frewit, and he say me...'

'Pins and crap,' said Nabil, defensively.

Khalid looked at me and shrugged. 

'Pins and crap!!!' said Nabil, louder, rattled at being required to state and restate the blindingly obvious. Then seeing he wasn't taking us with him, he rifled through the course book to find the words in print.

'Shuf!* Pins and crap, here.'

Ah, yes, beans and grapes. I see. 


*shuf  'look' in Arabic. 


Bo said...

Ah, unvoicing is a bugger.

vilges suola said...

A bugger indeed, but I reckon here it would have been more important to get the vowel sounds right. In the context of the discussion 'peens' and 'crepes' might just have squeaked past.

My kiddies in Kalamata were discussing ways of reducing pollution on the coast. The best way, they decided, was to put beans on the bitches, for the people can put in it their rubbishes.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

ha ha

Anonymous said...

Have just realised how long I was in the BLACK Hole..... the last item I remember reading was 12th October..........



Michael said...


Do you hate it too?
"If you're going through Hell, keep going."
Holy Holism!


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