Saturday, 5 December 2009


I've noticed that comments are disappearing from this blog, or that the number given below the post does not always tally with the actual number of comments. Some of my own comments have vanished from other blogs I follow. So, man, I'm like, WTF, innit, you get me?

It seems that Blogger have this down as a 'known issue' and are trying to sort it out. Meanwhile if any of your astute observations or witty ripostes has slipped through a hole in cyber space, it's Blogger's fault, not mine. I haven't censored them.

I noted also that the 'reactions' feature is wonky as well, with the numbers of 'funny' and 'interesting' ticks dwindling on some posts. A shameless tick whore, I was really pissed off about that.


Fionnchú said...

Yesterday, 4 Dec. my wife at her office and me at home both had trouble with Blogger. An "unknown file" and the numbers 999 on a white screen kept showing up. I feared total meltdown, but all's well now; perhaps this relates, VS?

vilges suola said...

I haven't seen '999' on a white screen - how bizarre! No, I just noticed yesterday that all my comments had gone from Blatant Beast, and someone contacted me rather miffed that I had deleted a comment of hers, when in fact it had been published. Blogger help says this is a known issue.

Re. strange messages from computer, I once got 'an unknown stone has been delivered'. It sounded like a crossword clue. I contacted a friend who was a 'Microsoft Evangelist' (for God's sake) but he could shed no light, soI have never found out what that meant.

Bo said...

Oh dear!! I've been noticing probs too---but I've been away and hadn't seen that your comments had gone. argh!

vilges suola said...

Well, given the squillions of comments, e-mails and tweets flying round the earth every second, I suppose we can be resigned to losing a few now and then!

Michael said...

Hmm, on my blogs, I know people are thinking that I don't need them to comment - but seriously, they are like my bread and butter.

Do you hate it too?
"If you're going through Hell, keep going."
Holy Holism!

vilges suola said...

Yes - otherwise it's like pissing into the wind.


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