Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Happy Blogoversary and Who are You?

This day have I blogged a twelvemonth, and a twelvemonth have I blogged. Thank you to everyone who follows publicly or privately for reading my rambles and rants, and for kindly commenting and commenting kindly.

I'm going to nick an idea from Bo, and ask people who pass by to leave a comment introducing themselves. I know only two 'followers' personally, and one or two more from reading their blogs, but I know nothing at all about the rest of you, or whether you ever drop in. So come on, speak up. Tell us who you are, where are you from and anything else you'd like to impart.


Bo said...

Well, you were first off the mark at mine, so here goes:

I'm nearly 30, a poof, single, currently a Cambridge don but will be out of a job in two years when I will return to my default state of over-qualified unemployable wierdo. Language buff, did classics and english at university followed by Celtic. I find modern Greek very frustrating because I can't bloody read it despite having spent 12 years of my life tinkering with the language. The only foreign language I speak fluently is Welsh, which I l;earned much as you learned Greek. I love nature and yearn for a garden again, a longing which I suppress with copious red wine.

Envious of your electric way with words and steady hand with an unfolding anecdote: Noel Coward meets Blackadder II, lancing boils of pretension and bigotry, celebrating the best in life.

And also startled by our near identical taste in music, as you yourself noted.

So χαρούμενα γενέθλια to LA, and a resounding but probably unseasonal wish of χρόνια πολλά to you. Enjoy Greece!

vilges suola said...

Wonderful! Thanks for starting this off - glad at least one person responded, and such a brilliant one at that. I didn't realise you were only going to be a don for a short time. What do you plan to do after?

Bo said...

Probably do a number of short term contracts whilst trying to get a permanent fellowship somewhere in Oxbridge. A research fellowship is a good start, so I'm in with a good chance.

Revd Ivan Ackeroff said...

I'm an Anglican priest known for my wisdom, spirituality, profound insight and humility.

vilges suola said...

Howdy, Rev'ren. I enjoy your blog - always pleasant to see religious pomposity knocked. Those Australian Calvinists, now. Jee-zus.

Fionnchú said...

Well, as I blathered on after you answered, VS, on Bo's EBB blog, I'll be briefer. Ph.D. in English Lit, UCLA. Medievalist by training but long now a drudge of English comp, an intro to lit course, and one on Technology, Culture & Society: a one-man Humanities dept. at my Panopticon of a Southern Cal polytechnic to students who must take my classes as tech or business majors. Like you, background in adult ed before my Ph.D., with endless ESL. Not that it changes much with a polyglot, multicultural, working-class/ immigrant urban quasi-literate collegiate population as you and I do share on our polysyllabic rosters today.

Struggling as an adult learner nearly all self-taught in Irish, and it shows. Admirer of those more fluent than me in speaking in tongues; as a visual learner I find it hard to articulate sounds.

You do that well in transcribing the utterances of your charges; this may be my favorite part of LA. I found your blog via your comments on "Bo" and I am pleased to see you and he have about the same number of acolytes now. My wife's one, and my Greek-American dentist likes reading LA now too.

vilges suola said...

Thanks, Fionnchu! Re semi-literate students: a colleague told me today she had to sit through a presentation on the evidence for mermaids, by a Chinse girl convinced of their existence. Obviously this girl missed out on the Critical Thinking sessions on the course...
Hope the dentist comments too!

Mark said...

I don't even know how I got here.

Catholic, but hated by catholic and Anglican bloggers---well, at least some. Most blogs today are just ass kissing drivel. When I point this out I get 'banned.'O, I'm not mean, but I hate to waste my time saying "you are the greatest" to the "big" bloggers.
Retired public workers union organizer in the U.S. Married. Two children. One deceased. Two grandkids. My wife and I have some money so we help 3 youg guys 19-25.Bloggers who don't like me say I am not married, have no wife, no kids,etc. This was started by a catholic blogger who I "discussed" abortion with.

Never finished doctorate in philosophy. Got married instead--disregard I have no wife. Alice is just a mirage!!

Have received some awards. The best: "You are the most anti-catholic blogger on the net." I like unthinking anglicans, but not MP.

Think your taste in music is unexcusable.

You seem like a nice guy, but I refuse, absolutely, to kiss your arse until you at least recognize Bach. My imaginary grandkids play his inventions.

vilges suola said...

Hi Mark

Glad you did get here, however you found it.

No need to kiss my arse, for any reason. I do own one Glen Gould CD, Bach Goldberg Variations, but I never play it. Musically my head is in Azerbaijan, Iran and India.


Argentum Vulgaris said...

My dear Vilges, it appears as though I am in the realm of the elite. I can boast none of the above, for I am a high school drop out, never finished the fifth form in favour of the RNZAF. Maybe I should tuck my keyboard between my legs and beat a hasty retreat. I teach English with all the aplomb of a Sergeant-Major, but my students rarely score as low as 70%, they're too freakin' scared. (Not true, btw). I do have the audacity to boast that while I've never had any formal training as a teacher of ESL, I do write books that clarify grammar for the benefit of the course I currently, also, your hair would have curled if you had seen the material with which I presented to teach from initially. I refused to use it and have spent the last two years revising it; it's almost acceptable now. I enjoy teaching, having been one since the age of 14 in school cadets, I just apply the same principles and change the subject.

But, I do feel out of place amongst present company, makes me wonder whether or not I am some sort of fraud.

Btw, have you seen my successor to the original NR? Life is Just like That...
http://itsnotthecoffin.blogspot.com/ I retired NR, you'll read why there.

Loved the post.


vilges suola said...

Argentum, it's been a while! Thanks for commenting. I know the kind of book you mean - home-grown EFL books around the world are pretty bloody awful. I remember one in Greece that presented the 'going to' future with a photo of Armstrong on the moon and a list of things he wasn't going to do there: 'He isn't going to build a house. He isn't going to meet any friends.' This was by no means the worst,but unfortunately I have lost them all.

Layne said...

Happy Anniversary! I am Layne, the wife of Fionnchu, who turned me on to this, one of our favorite blogs. A terrible heatwave has finally ended and it is a relatively cool night here in Los Angeles and we are watching a Dodger baseball game and I read excerpts from this blog during the commercials and cracked us up. I tried to say "Mothafucka" like Ali G but don't think I cut it with my West Coast non-accent accent. By way of introduction, I also taught ESL for many years. Now I work in the film industry, running a stock footage archive and blather on at http://casamurphy.blogspot.com/

Thanks for providing one of our greatest cyber pleasures.

vilges suola said...

Thanks, Layne, glad it amuses you.


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