Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Chez Moi.

(Below was then. This is now.)

I bought a digital camera the other week, and I've been footling about with the bloody thing to try to get the hang of it. Bo's recent photoshoot of his tastefully appointed quarters inspired me to offer something similar. My style of interior decoration might be termed 'Budget Eclectic'. It is to be found chiefly among those who returned relatively recently to the UK with no possessions except a spoiled fat cat, after several penurious years overseas.

1. View from Living Room Window

That's right, it's a tree. I'm sorry about this; when I took it, torrential rain was slamming down from a sky the colour of pewter, and it looked magnificent, honest. Absolutely my favourite kind of weather. Anyway, you will just have to take my word for it.

2. Commode 

Chest of drawers in the possession of the author. Origin disputed. It may be from the Homebase studios, but a case might with some confidence be advanced for an Ikean provenance. The piece presents an interesting balance of tensions: opening the middle drawer will cause the front parts of the two lower levels to detach, and this human/artefact-artefact/human interface will give rise to intemperate language and on occasion blasphemy. The piece is shortly to be transferred into the care of Kesteven District Council, and will briefly be available for viewing at the municipal dump.

Cornball and teengirly it may be, but I just love fairy lights! This over-exposed photo doesn't do them justice, they're like rarely, rarely pretty?

Look, OK, the fireplace is fucking tragic, I know. It's nothing to do with me, though.

3. The other Side of the Fireplace.

CD tower ('Oak Effect', fools nobody) by Homebase. I have to put the bloody CDs somewhere. The only other shop in Stamford that stocked CD towers at the time I bought this was selling coffin-shaped things decorated with skulls, to be bought by weasly men with inky tattoos, rottweilers and bits of metal stuck in their shaven heads. Dried flowers by Miss Pickering of Stamford, an establishment most definitely not patronised by the men with heads full of studs.

4. The West-facing Wall of the Main Chamber.

This is where I am reclining right now, but I am not going to publish any of the gruesome mugshots I took of myself - no self-respecting queen d'un certain âge would dream of it. I'm waiting until someone else can find my best angle, if I still have one.  

Same again, please.

5. Mugshot

This was taken by my friend Yorgos in Greece a year or two or three ago, but I haven't changed. Well, I mean, I'm not actually still wearing the same jumper and socks, but I don't look any different, apart from a better haircut.

6. A propos of nothing

US Christer Gospel singers communicate their joy in being saved.


Bo said...


Like the fairy lights.

vilges suola said...

Aren't they just DARling!

Fionnchú said...

Ok, you two, you both have great taste compared to colonial me. What's the book on the sidetable? It resembles Oxford UP's "Very Short Introduction" series in its color scheme, but it seems a bit too elongated. Blame the camera?

vilges suola said...

Well spotted. It's an elongated version of 'A Very Short Introduction to Political Philosophy'. The Very Short Introductions are about my speed: low boredom threshhold, limited concentration span. I really ought to stop bemoaning this sort of thing in my students.

vilges suola said...

Actually, no - I just enlaged the photo, and it's 'Mediaeval Britain'. Which proves the bit about short concentration - I can't remember what I was reading.

Ned Baker said...

I loved this write-up of your living space... I wish I had your gift for language and expression. Keep up the great blogging, please!

vilges suola said...

@ Ned - many thanks, glad you like it!

Bo said...

I cannot believe you have a Lois Bourne books!

vilges suola said...

Oh my God, who sneaked that one in? Yeah, OK, but only the one, honest. I think I bought it in Athens in the 90s, when I used to trawl the 'supernatural' section of an English language bookshop. I had a phase of reading Colin Wilson, and he wrote the intro. Now I cannot believe how gullible C.W. is, and how gullible I was.

Re L.B. - is she still alive? I have never been able to find any info about her.

Bo said...

She published a sequel, so she wasn't dead c. 1995: possibly she is now. Or mebs she's still running a coven on a roundabout in Hertfordshire, or whatever it was.


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