Monday, 6 July 2009


The Bishop of Rochester has called upon queers to ‘repent and be changed’. I have to work very hard to psyche myself up to a state of anything stronger than indifference when it comes to pronouncements issuing from the Anglican Church, especially when they are fussing about what people do in the sack. Consider the universe: millions of galaxies, exploding suns, hurtling comets, black holes, trillions of miles of dark, silent nothing. How can any mind be so parochial as to imagine that the Creator - if Creator there be - of this bizarre, pointless complexity is so tiny-minded as to give a monkey’s about who fucks whom on our spinning mote of dust? How could this Creator be so demented as to be exercised about how or whether we mutilate our children’s genitals, on what days we trade or desist from trading, eat fish or fast, get bladdered or smugly abstain, or rip the beating hearts out of selected citizens every day to ensure that the sun will rise tomorrow? The Bish seems to think the Creator does indeed care – about some of these things anyway. How odd.

The Deity has a particular dislike of homosexuality, especially as practiced by men. In this, His position coincides remarkably with that of many straight blokes, so maybe it’s no wonder they cite Him in support of their prejudices. Perhaps like many straight blokes, God secretly gets his divine rocks off with thoughts of dykes making out, for certainly He has little to say in His Books against female homosexuality. We know Paul didn’t like lezzies, as he tells us in Romans 1:26, but then he seems not to have liked women much anyway, so this may not be yer actual Word of God here, but just Paul being a miserable git.

I shall ignore Nazir-Ali’s call to 'repent and be changed' and continue to ‘burn in lust’ toward other men, for in this I see nothing unseemly or against nature. If God made male beauty, I see no reason not to appreciate it to the full. And if God didn't make male beauty, I still see no reason not to worship it. So yah boo sucks to the 'Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans', and if this new group ‘splits the Church’ as the Bish of Sherborne now fears, tough tit. I don't give a stuff.


SB said...

Kudos to your expression of freedom. As you mentioned, I doubt the Almighty has the time or interest in who we diddle. It is up to us to decide if what we do is right and wrong. Enjoy men, enjoy women, just enjoy sex. It is too good not to enjoy it with the one you want.

vilges suola said...

Thanks! Right on. You're a long time dead!

Fionnchú said...

Being far removed from the C of E by upbringing, ethnicity, and place, may I ask for context? Dr. Nazir Ali's evangelical Anglicans: I know that this contingent has been roiling the Lambeth Conferences worldwide, but frankly I'm surprised that in the heart of England today, there's such an audibly conservative element within the Established Church-- which we in the colonies usually associate with Rowan Williams' more typical latitudinarianism. I also have the impression there's far fewer Anglicans practicing than, say, Muslims in Britain today. Am I right? If so, are the right-wing elements from both Christianity and Islam allying more visibly in Western Europe to repeat (if not yet the sin of playing music in a classroom) that venerable litany of Pauline anathemas?

Anonymous said...

yes....and yes again. thanks

vilges suola said...

Fionnchu, here's a link to the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans' 'who we are' page. It's short and not terribly informative.
It seems it's the usual shit: the church has got too liberal and we have to get back to the good old days when everybody knew for sure who they could feel superior to. Church squabbles bore me rigid, so I am short on details, I'm afraid.
I think you are probably right about the number of Anglicans v the number of Muslims in the UK today.


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