Monday, 29 June 2009

Diamond Reindeer

A sad, haunting song here from Sámi singer Mari Boine, about the destruction of the environment and the loss of diversity. Using lyrics written by a child, she conveys a sense of threat with none of the finger-wagging preachiness on the same subject that made Joni Mitchell’s album Shine so bloody irritating.

Stuorra ruovde stállut leat ollen deike
Si ruvget ja boltot ja boltot
Ohcet min diamántta spáilliha
Čiehkkát, diamántta spáillit,
Čiehkkát, čiehkkát, ulldáid ellui.

Great metal beasts have come here
They roar and dig and dig
Searching for our diamond reindeer
Hide, diamond reindeer,
Hide, hide, don’t let them catch you.


marina said...

Hi Vilges,my name is Marina and i was searching for "diamond reindeer" lyrics. Thanks, i didn't expect to find a so interesting post with links. sorry for my bad english...

vilges suola said...

Hi Marina, thanks for stopping by. Your English looks OK to me!

Anonymous said...

Really thank you! It is very strange - but it is very hard to find lyrics for this song.

Vilges Suola said...

Yes, it's hard to find lyrics for many of MB's songs, especially the earlier ones from 'Gula Gula'. Later ones are in the CD booklets.


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