Thursday, 12 March 2009

Man with Santur

I have already said how fond I am of Persian music and Iranian men, so I was very pleased to find this video of a tasty young man playing the santur. He is playing in circumstances of drearily tight-arsed formality, and to desultory applause. A few candles, carpets, cushions and a bottle or two of red wine wouldn't go amiss here. (Yeah, I know.) I know nothing at all about music qua music, so music I like is music I can mentally make visible, edible or potable. I love the sound of the santur, and the image that always comes to me when I hear it is of a cascade of toffees wrapped in shiny paper, falling and bouncing off player and listeners. There's a performance of Raga Piloo by Ravi Shankar and Yehudi Menuhin where Menuhin makes his violin sound like shimmering lime juice streaming out of the night sky, tart enough to make your mouth water, before the crunchy celery of the tabla breaks in... well, you get the idea.

People more knowledgeable about Persian music than me (i.e., most people) saw fit to criticise this boy's wrist technique, presumably in connection with his santur playing. I do hope you won't mind.

What the sound of a santur looks like.

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