Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Ignore the Filth

On Sunday I published a post about the ghastly Westboro Baptist Church and their plan to come to Basingstoke to picket a performance by sixth formers of that smash-mouth insult to Mr G. Almighty, The Laramie Project, a piece of special pleading on behalf of faggotry, which causeth The Lord's dentures to rattle and black smoke to issue from His ears while he stokes up the fires of hell. Within an hour of posting the piece I got about 27 hits from Topeka, Kansas, where the Phelps clan are based. So I checked the WBC site and saw they have provided a link to this blog: 'this is pretty nice, but ignore the filth'. This is what they call a back-handed complement, I suppose. Anyway, since Sunday evening the number of hits on lathophobic aphasia has risen from the usual modest average of fifteen a day to just fewer than a hundred a day, most of them via the nauseating 'God hates Fags' website maintained by WBC, and most reading the post 'He that Sitteth in the Heavens shall Laugh'.

Bit of a bugger, that. By far the most visited post on the blog is one that took no more than ten minutes to write when I was scraping the barrel for subject matter, when ones I took a great deal more care over are ignored like letters that have fallen behind the dresser. Well, that's blogging for you. What really pissed me off, though, was that some readers missed the heavily-applied sarcasm and took me for a Westboro-type homophobe instead of the proud homophile I am. I mean for Christ's sake, could I have laid the sarcasm on any thicker?

I don't know what the WBC thought was 'nice' on here. I don't do nice. I do know what they think is filth. The 'filth' is my open appreciation of masculine beauty, as expressed in the inclusion of a few Tsarouchis paintings and a couple of Will McBride photos. God in His inscrutable ways makes young men of heart-stopping beauty, then has a fit if other men are transfixed by such wonders. The WBC has nothing beautiful on its website. They sing a few clunky popular songs with re-jigged thumb-nosing lyrics and perform them with bright-eyed Schadenfreude. They include reams of rant, which they interlard with bible quotation and eisegesis. They see sex as nothing save a mess of foul exudations and humours, and Phelps rattles on about semen, feces, blood, spit and piss because the sad old fart and the vindictive God of his fantasies are blind to sex as beauty, affection, mirth, reverence and pleasure. Nothing the WBC produce is haunting, witty, moving, funny, appreciative, mysterious, reverential, intelligent, inspiring of wonder or in any way interesting except as an example of how ugly total religious certainty can be and what a waste of brains and zeal the whole WBC crew are. Of course, the more they are reviled, the more vindicated they feel and the more scorn they set out to provoke.

Thanks for the link, anyway. Cheers for queers.


As you were. It turns out that the WBC will not be visiting our shores after all, and the ruttish populace of Basingstoke will continue to fornicate unrestrainedly, in blissful ignorance of the fury of the Lord their God, who is about to burst through the clouds just as he has been any time this two thousand years. Meanwhile there will be no WBC picket of The Laramie Project because the Home Office has decreed that if Fred and Shirley Phelps attempt to enter the UK they will be bundled straight away onto the next plane home. So relax.

Or rather, don’t relax. For Christ’s sake, are we such pussies that we cannot handle a couple of visiting crackpots waving signs outside a theatre for half an hour? "Both these individuals have engaged in unacceptable behaviour by inciting hatred against a number of communities" says the Home Office. Oh, leave it out. Up to a little more than a decade ago the British tabloid press spewed out homophobic vitriol as a matter of routine, and we survived. Thrived, in fact. Most people have the wit to see that the Westboro crew are merely ridiculous, but the Government does not credit us with such powers of discrimination. They think we are swayed by every bit of rant we are exposed to. So let us beware lest any point of view uncongenial to New Labour be deemed ‘unacceptable’ and banned.

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