Sunday, 30 November 2008

Tasnif e Iran

I love Persian music. I've been trying to post a beautiful performance from a CD of dastgah shur with Faramarz Payvar on santur, but this is beyond my computer competence for the moment. (Help!?) Here instead is a tasnif, a rhythmic part of a performance, with singing. This is a patriotic song, but you don't need to be told that to cotton on. I have no idea what the lyrics mean and perhaps that's just as well, as nationalism is something I cannot be doing with. It might be an Iranian equivalent of Uns're Fahne Flattert uns Voran for all I know. It's a very masculine sound, and I particularly like the percussion in the second half of the piece.

I entertain thoughts about some Iranian men that could lead to my being hanged by the crudest means (let's not worry about the placing of the knot, or length of drop to body weight) or pushed off a cliff if realised in Iran. Officially, of course, Iran has no homosexuals, but they keep on hanging these non-existent homosexuals nevertheless. Let us not forget that this is happening.

Now enjoy.


Bo said...

I love Persian music too. Got rather a lot. Have you come across Sussan Deyhim, btw?

vilges suola said...

I've heard the name but not heard her perform. Any recommendations as to what I should listen to?

Bo said...

'Madman of God'!

vilges suola said...

Ta! Ordered it just now!

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I am Persian, and so happy that you like persian music. I think you might find it intresting to listen to two of our great singers namely "Banan" and "Marzieh" you can find them in youtube. I suggest you to listen to:

and to:

I am sure you will like it.

all the best,
Niloofar keshtiari

vilges suola said...

Hi Niloofar, thanks for the comment and suggestions - I'll listen to them this evening when I have more time. Best wishes, S.


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