Saturday, 1 November 2008

Six carefully chosen random things about me

The pensive look was in fact the by-product of a strong desire to pee. Thanks to George for the photo.

If you get tagged, you are supposed to do this business of writing six random things about yourself. I wasn't going to, but it only took a day to capitulate.

1. I love male beauty to the point of worship. For me, there is nothing in this sublunary world more beautiful than a healthy, naked young man.

2. I really admire Temple Grandin: she is so eloquent on autism and must have been the first autistic person to convince the neurotypical world that autists can have an inner life. Her insights into animal thought processes in Animals in Translation are fascinating, and made me observe my cat with completely new eyes. Grandin's directness and lack of guile are almost shaming. I am fascinated by autism because I have some traits of Asperger's syndrome myself: obsessions, emotional aloofness, inability to tune out distracting stimuli, and a sense in social situations that I am like an insufficiently rehearsed understudy in a play.

3. I adore cats.

4. Red wine!

5. I think Evangelical Christianity is a boil on the arse of humanity. I escaped it at about fifteen, thank Gods.

6. I love rain. In winter in Greece it comes slamming straight down like bars, and I loved to go out walking with a golfing umbrella, listening to it battering the canvas.

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Bo said...

Good ones. Thanks for the autism link - had not come across this before - and for the great image of social awkwardness!


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